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Intercomp Services for Your Home

New System Guidance - It takes a full time professional to understand the INs and OUTs of today's ever-changing technology, especially when it comes to making smart, appropriate purchases. We can help you decide on the right system or upgrade and get the most for your money.

Home Networking  - We are experts in setting up both wired and wireless networks for use at home. We can help select components, install and set up the hardware infrastructure, and help you through the maze of questions about sharing files, printers, or internet service across multiple machines. We can also help set you up for "Work From Home" using remote desktop, GoToMyPC, GoToMeeting, VPN or other technologies.

Telephone Support - Need a hotline to help? We offer per incident and pre-paid plans in a language you can easily understand.

Tune Up - We diagnose and fix problems, optimize your system performance, eliminate viruses and spyware, apply patches, and even offer maintenance with updates for 2+ years.

Install/Reinstall - When it's time for a total overhaul, trust Intercomp to format and reinstall your system. We are able to service most systems even if you no longer have the manufacturer's drivers. We can backup & restore your data and your software. See pricing for more details.

System Backup & Recovery - Files gone? Don't panic! When your system suffers from a catastrophic failure, it is often possible to perform emergency recovery operations. Intercomp can also protect you against loss in the event of such a disaster by performing a disaster recovery audit and implementing preventative/protective/backup measures.

Home System Security  - With so many threats at large, many PC owners turn to professional protection. We are the NJ specialists in home computer security. We patch and update your system, applying current Virus Protection (2+ year updates included) and can even perform a comprehensive security audit.

Training - Learn to make the most of your computer at home! We provide small group or 1-on-1 instruction for everyone from kids to seniors.

  • Surfing, Email, IM/Webcam, Skype, etc.
  • Scanning, digital cameras, & more
  • Specific applications
  • MS Word, Excel
  • Unravel the mystery of a new OS
  • Protecting yourself: spyware, viruses, and worse

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